Ditch Email

3 Reasons Why I Ditched Email
for In-House Communication

In the realm of academic management, efficient communication is the cornerstone of success. As an academic management consultant, I’ve discovered two exceptional apps that have transformed the way organisations communicate internally: Microsoft Teams and Google Chat. Let me explain the three compelling reasons why I’ve chosen channels and spaces over the conventional email approach. Bear in mind, the choice of your collaboration tool as an academic manager hinges on whether the college you work for has adopted either Microsoft 365 (in which case you would use Teams) or Google Workspace (meaning you would use Google Chat).

Transparency through Channels

One of the primary reasons I’ve wholeheartedly embraced either Microsoft Teams or Google Chat is their capacity to nurture transparent communication. With these platforms, the days of fretting over email CCs and BCCs are over. Instead, you can effortlessly post a message in a group chat, channel, or ‘Space’, ensuring that everyone who needs to see it, does. No one is left out of the loop, and there’s no more worrying about whether critical information has reached the right recipients.

Both Microsoft Teams and Google Chat offer the transformative concept of channels, allowing you to organize discussions, projects, and teams into dedicated spaces. This organised environment ensures that relevant conversations are readily accessible. This transparency not only enhances efficiency, but also cultivates a culture of openness and collaboration within organisations.

Integrated with Subscriptions

Here’s an added bonus: whether your organisation uses Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, you can harness the power of either Microsoft Teams or Google Chat without incurring additional costs. These platforms seamlessly integrate with other productivity tools, making them an effortless choice. Since organisations are likely already using one of these subscriptions, why not unlock their full potential for internal communication?

Efficiency and Real-Time Interaction

Efficiency is paramount in academic management, and both Microsoft Teams and Google Chat excel in this regard. These platforms offer real-time communication, enabling you to engage in quick, succinct conversations, ask questions, and make decisions without the delays associated with email. Waiting for email responses can often result in unnecessary holdups, which can be costly.

Conversely, the ability to set your status to “Do Not Disturb” in both Teams and Google Chat notifies your team when you’re focused on deep work. This feature promotes productivity by minimizing interruptions during crucial periods of contemplation and problem-solving.

In conclusion, while email has served organisations well for years, the fast-paced landscape of academic management demands more efficient, organised, and collaborative communication tools for internal company communication. Whether your organisation uses Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat offers a powerful solution. They foster transparency, come seamlessly integrated with existing subscriptions, and enhance efficiency through real-time interaction—all while promoting a culture of transparent and responsive communication. It’s time for organisations to make the switch and elevate their internal company communication to a whole new level, tailored to their chosen platform.